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 The Pet Care Foundation was founded to help lower the euthanasia rate of Pet Lovers. Since its inception the Pet Care Foundation has found new homes for over 40,000 pets such as American pit bull terrier as well as American Bully through its many different programs.

Programs include in-house adoption, re-homing, mobile adoption, Beverly Hills City and West Hollywood City TV channels, extensive social media networking, magazine and newspaper advertising as well as for sale.

Mission Statement: The Pet Care Foundation located in McCormick Ln, El Paso, TX 79924 is a 501c3, organization dedicated to the rescue, care, spay/neuter and adoption of homeless pets.Our foundation has branches in the whole of Unites States ,Canada and Europe  . Our concern is of two main breed of puppies such as AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER & AMERICAN BULLY PUPPIES

Pure Breeds

Our Pure Pit-bull is a popular breed across the world, but the term is sometimes misused for any American bully breed (like American Stafford shire Terriers) or even for bull terrier mixes. This is incorrect, and it is considered an official breed in many countries.

For prospective puppy owners, it is important to be smart when you pick out a Pit-bull puppy. This is true regardless of the breed you choose, and also applies for breeds like the American pit bull and American bully, but you might want to be a little extra careful when shopping for Pit-bull puppies, as there are unfortunately many dishonest individuals out there.
As a perfect example, the Pit-bull breed is not as regulated in the United States and in other countries as some other breeds are, and a purebred puppy can often be hard to tell apart from mixed puppies.

The Humane Society of the United States has some helpful guides that will give you ideas on how you can help puppies in Pets care foundation. First, “An Advocate’s Guide to Stopping pets care foundation” is a good place to start with many ideas that can propel you into action. And, “A Guide to Using Local Ordinances to Combat pets care foundation” is designed to help you work for the passage of local laws in your own community that will improve the lives of dogs in pets acre foundation.

Our Team

We are a group of professionals and lovers with over decades-worth of experience in training, rehabilitating, and loving dogs! Because of this, our team of Pets experts includes veterinarians, clinical animal behaviorists, animal science majors, dog home-boarding/daycare business owners.


Jessica Gordon


clinical animal behaviorists

Bryan Joes

clinical animal behaviorists

Angella Mike


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Complete your desire to own a Pet in your Home or Get a pet to your loves once PETS CARE FOUNDATION is here to make the dream come true

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